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my mom posted this on my facebook wall because i dont want to go to the zoo with her


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i missed my maths class today bc i was at the dentist’s and i have a test tomorrow so i emailed my teacher and asked if i had missed anything important in today’s class and if so, if he could send me what i had missed, and turns out i had missed that he gave back an assignment we had with the answers and comments AND HE CAME TO MY HOUSE WITH IT THAT IS SO THOUGHTFUL AND AMAZING AND NICE I AM SPEECHLESS I’M GOING TO CRY I LIVE LIKE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

i’m still in shock

John Bonham photographed by Carl Dunn at Cabana Hotel, Dallas, 1970.

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Only disappointing thing about Fabregas’s goal is that it wasn’t assisted by Fabregas.
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and the plot thickens…….

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